• Forging Art Bcn

    The Original Handmade

    Forging Art Bcn the original handcrafted Eternal Roses

Traditional handmade blacksmithing

We use blacksmith furnace to heat a piece of metal to a red-hot condition and then give an appropriate shape by hammer.  This traditional technique is used by our specialist artisan. This wrought iron is subjected to a stifling heat of over 1500°C, and then beaten, bent and molded into form while it’s glowing white hot. Each one is handmade (the hands are well protected) by Jacobo, our master artisan in the Montseny region (Barcelona, Spain).

Rustic yet elegant design

Our Wrought Iron Roses are decorative flowers. A rugged and rustic decorative piece that also oozes style and elegance. Tough, durable and built to last, this is high quality craftsmanship to create a delightful ornament that manages to be both subtle and yet still eye-catching.

What we make

Unique metal flower sculptures; wrought iron souvenirs; metal/ Wood candle holders.
If you’re looking for a unique gift for a special person or a fully customised object, please visit our dedicated service.

Other Services

  • Artistic locksmith

    From any drawing, design or sketch we shape the iron to get your dream and desired product.

  • Trade Exhibition

    Trade exhibitions both in fairs and markets around Spain and in private events. Do you want to see iron work in the forge live just as our ancestors worked? Do not hesitate to contact us

Forging Art Bcn

The Original Handmade